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  • CPSC
  • EN1078
  • AS2063
  • F1447
Shipping & Returns
  • Size
    • Length: 10.6” (27cm)
    • Width: 9.1” (23cm)
    • Height: 5.9” (15cm)
  • Weight
    • 12.52 oz. (355g)
    • MIPS 13.23 oz. (375g)
  • LED Configurations
    • Front: 6 White LEDs
    • Rear: 21 Red LEDs
    • Up to 400 lumens of illumination
    • Turn signal capable
    • Automatic brake lights (optional upgrade)
  • Battery
    • Battery Life: 3-18 hours dependent on settings
      • 3hrs solid mode
      • 6hrs flashing mode
      • 18hrs extended flashing mode
    • 3.7V 800mAh Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery
    • 2 hours charging time
  • Wireless
    • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Other Features
    • Apple Watch
    • Apple Health
    • Strava Compatible
Fit Guide
  • Fits:
    • 21.3" - 24” (54-61cm)
    • MIPS 21.3" - 23.6" (54-60cm)
  • Click here for our Fit Guide.

360˚ Visibility
Beat The Dark

With over 400 lumens of output and 360˚ visibility, you’ve never been better equipped to take on the night. Ride confident that the helmet lights will be visible no matter which angle you're approaching from.

Front Lights
Shine Bright Like A Star

Stand out on the road with bright white LEDs for ultimate visibility to be seen.

Turn Signals
Distinctive Back Lighting

Conspicuity is the name of the game. Be seen, and eliminate the guessing by letting traffic around you know which way you’re turning.

Optional - Automatic Brake Lights
Warn Traffic Behind You

Eliminate collisions from the rear by warning traffic behind you when you’re coming to a hard stop. The additional reaction time afforded can be the difference between life and death.

Unlock automatic brake lights by upgrading to Lumos Remote.


Go the extra mile and kit out your helmet with the MIPS option.

MIPS is a helmet-integrated brain protection system designed to provide additional brain protection in the event of angled or rotational impacts. All MIPS certified helmets are tested to withstand an impact speed of up to 6.2 meters per second.

Ride In Any Weather

Rain or shine, if you are riding your bike, you can be sure the Kickstart Lite can go with you thanks to its fully-sealed electronics.

All Our Awards in One Package

Included With Every Purchase

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United States United States
Defective product order!

This is mostly a review of their warranty requirements, which feel really unnecessary. One side of my helmet doesn't light up at all when fully charged and LUMOS support claimed it was unfixable, making me eligible for a replacement. But they want me to ship my unfixable helmet back in its original packaging, plastic padding included, and take it to the city post office to trade it for a new one. I didn't have room to keep all of that packaging in my tiny apartment; it's recycled. I paid for a fancy, expensive helmet that could be sold for less if they're a successful company, and it seems to have not been tested before shipping out. If this can't be fixed, why not let me keep the broken helmet to keep someone else safe?

Lumos Helmet

Thank you for your feedback, Justin! We're sorry you had such a frustrating experience, but we do really appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention. We always try to help with troubleshooting tips first and if that wouldn't help we do ask to return your helmet for investigation and possible repair. You can read more about our warranty here: We are looking into this issue and hope to resolve it promptly and accurately.

Brian H.
United States United States
The REAL deal!

This helmet (it's my second) is the real deal!! Attention to detail combined with an obvious ear to real cyclers' input speaks for itself. Thanks guys!

Lumos Helmet

Thank you for your kind words, Brian! We are making our helmets for YOU, so if you have any feedback or suggestions we do really appreciate it if you share them with us. Ride safe!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
The REAL deal!

This helmet (it's my second) is the real deal!! Attention to detail combined with an obvious ear to real cyclers' input speaks for itself.

Thanks guys!

Thanks for the awesome review, Brian! We work hard to meet expectations like yours and listen to our customers, so we’re happy to hear we hit the mark for you.


Works as it was intended for... easy to set up...

Thank you for leaving a review, Ricardo!

The Perfect Helmet -- Really!

Riding in traffic is an art of perception, awareness, projection and accumulated experience. This is the age of technology-distracted drivers and there seems to be more than a little increase in driver aggression and reaction. It is a simmering cauldron of catastrophe. Every year 45,000 bicyclists are injured and an additional 800 are killed by cars. This doesn't mean riding a bike is treacherous or highly risky, but it does make it really important to BE SEEN. I bought the Lumos lightweight kickstarter without the turn signals and brake light. It is very lightweight and fit like a dream. On my first ride I was thrilled to see how much attention I attracted. I use the slow blink mode for maximum visual effect and battery longevity. Oh, and this was in the middle of a sunny day in California. It might be my imagination, but it felt like I was calming traffic by making each car aware of me. I'm an experienced cyclist and I know my way around cars and potentially risky situations and I noticed a change in traffic behavior toward me at times when I really needed to be noticed, like left turns in big intersections and changing lanes. I'm not sold on upgrading to directionals because it looks too dispersing for a motorist. You just need to be seen. Plus the upgrade has a shorter battery charge life, as low as 1.5 hours. My rides are often longer. But any of the Lumos helmets are better than anything else available. Built in lights display better than attaching lights.

Enhanced visibility for drivers

I bought the 'lite' version of the lumos helmet because I couldn't justify the additional pricing for directionals/brake lights. I have been ecstatic about the helmet, visibility to drivers is now at cycle level (my existing lights) and above - due to the helmet. I feel more confident riding and being seen by car drivers. Charge lasts >3hrs, so I have to plug it back in every three+ days (I ride ~1hr per day), and since I have yet to take it on that long of a single ride, it is not a problem. Other riders ask where I got the helmet.

So far so good

Seems to work fine - during the daytime the lights on the front could be a little brighter (during dark they are fine) Helmet fit and finish is good. Comfort is good

Thank you for your review!

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