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Lumos Ultra
etienne edereani

Lumos Ultra

Lumos Ultra
Ana Aranda Loureiro

Amazing helmet

Lumos Ultra
Wonderful helmut

Great 21st century bike helmet with rider in mind. Functioning well and as advertised. I still have to test how it is with watch app but I am already impressed. I will get the unit for enabling break lights too. And I already had a fall and it indeed protected me! Kudos to the team 👍🏽

Lumos Ultra
Paul Telford
I was sceptical

Very comfortable and very bright functions as advertised, would recommend to anyone looking for safety

Lumos Ultra
Lumos Ultra MIPS Helmet An Excellent Safety Helmet

This helmet fits like a glove and I have found it to be the most comfortable cycle helmet to wear. Some users have commented on the helmet being heavy to wear, I haven’t found this helmet to be heavy at all and I usually cycle for about 1 hour.
The lights are nice and bright and I have found motor vehicle drivers holding back behind when using indicators to turn.
I did however experience a driver attempt to pull out of a side turning in front of me in which I was forced to swerve and brake harshly and I did rebuke this driver questioning his ability to drive and that he should get an eyesight test done soon.
The negatives I found the charging light to be extremely dim and was only visible when the helmet was charged in complete darkness.
Improvements It would possibly be useful for forward facing indicators to be added to notify oncoming traffic of your intentions as well
This is a great helmet of which I hope will reduce further the number of cycle accidents on our roads.

Lynda Pinette
Strange to be sent a review form when it hasn't shipped yet

I hope that if they what to be a legit business they work out this little glitch. Embarrassing for them, to say the least.

Charging Cable
Hugo Hamel-Perron

Zero stars. This site apparently does not allow me to choose the number of stars (five by default, can't be changed), but it's ZERO stars. Like buyer below, I ordered over a month ago and am still waiting. At the price they sell this stuff, better custormer care could be expected.

Lumos Ultra
Rebecca Millward
Lumos Helmet

I’m very pleased with the lumos helmet, thank you for making it.
The indicator makes me feel safer cycling in the busy traffic.
It was worth the wait.
It’s a very smart helmet😊


Lumos Ultra
Stunning helmet 😍

Absolute perfect fit and strong recommender fir colour lovers like me. Lightning is great for me within the trails as it enlightens where I look - very strong recommendation for all safety and style fetishists 😎

Nice, though surprisingly heavy

The weight of the helmet limits it to commute use for me, so I'm sticking to a lighter weight, traditional helmet for exercise. Fits very well though, which is much more than I can say for most helmets I've tried (slightly unusual head shape).

Commutes will become very dark here in Finland soon, so being visible is important. And because of that, I have one ask: I'd like to set up the blink pattern to alternate between dim/boost, instead of the currently available off/dim or off/boost only.

Lumos Ultra
wilson xu
Great helmet, my wife wants one too

Awesome design and execution. Buying a second one in white later

Lumos Kickstart
Sally Crowther
Family safety officer

Brilliant, comfortable to wear and can be seen from a distance even on a wet dark night.

Lumos Ultra
John F Mazur
Great helmet

Nice package

Lumos Kickstart
James Massey

I have never felt safer on my rides. Traffic actually slows down when they approach me.

Lumos Matrix

Excellent! Everybody loves the LED lights. Especially when riding to work at 4am. I get stop by cars on the street saying, "you have turn signal on the helm". I tell them it has more function than that!

Excellent helmet!

I waited a while for reviewing this helmet as I wanted to give it a good test. In short, I love it, best helmet I've owned :) Here goes:
- The integrated lights of course! Awesome visibility, very bright, and customisable via the app, love it!
- The fit: truly the best instant bike helmet fit I have had. Easy to adjust, cushy and stable.
- MIPS (Option I took): It's a *helmet*, why not go for the best available protection technology?
- Backlight indicators from remote: probably only really visible at night, but giving that extra bit of warning to drivers feels safer.
- Inner net and visor: a bit fiddly to install, but once in place, perfect. Definitely better than the cap + helmet option!
- Weight: definitely feels heavier than a regular helmet due to the battery and lights, although it hasn't bothered me while riding.
- USB rubber cover (minor con): if left plugged in when unused (typically), the rubber tends to keep its shape in open mode, and doesn't close that well. Probably only an issue if facing major rainfall.

Lumos Ultra
andrea vattolo

Lumos Ultra

Bad Helmet Daze

Maybe it’s me but I guess I’m just not smart enough for a ‘smart helmet’ because I could not order or work the helmet correctly. So I wound up with 3 remotes and I can’t get the helmet set up. I put it all back in the box and I am waiting for the annual garage sale. And, OMG, I don’t think they could they have made a cheaper visor that does not fit well if they tried. Lastly., I did try it on and even if it did work I would not wear it because it is so uncomfortable. Sorry guys, “thumbs down”.

Lumos Ultra
F. Vedder
Nice helmet

Looks good, great lights, comfy. That says it all.

Lumos Ultra
. Pieuchot
Great helmet & good value

The helmet looks nice with a good quality of material. The leds are very bright (like very !), and we can personnalized the light system easily with the app.
Special thanks to the customer service who exchange my helmet which had defect. Very efficient.

Charging Cable
Susan Asaph
Zero stars

Being asked for a review..I ordered item August 5th. It's now September 2nd and 👣 shows the item is still in China. Zero stars.

Lumos Ultra
Tammy Weber
Love it!!! ❤

Nice looking helmet and feel safer with the lights built into the helmet. I am a huge fan of the blinker and brake function. I felt the drivers appreciated it too. I definitely recommend this helmet for anyone riding on the road. Thanks for leading the way to make cyclists seen!!!

Helmet Padding
Jonathan Searle
Helmet Padding

Just pleased that I could order a replacement part like this. Especially pleased that the order included new sticky connectors because I was expecting to have to reglue the originals back on.

Lumos Matrix
Tobias Steinhäusler
Perfect customer service!

This was a replacement for a helmet on which the on off switch broke. The process was easy and uncomplicated. Interaction was friendly and most importantly I received a new helmet! Thank you.

Lumos Kickstart
Sharon Leejohnson
Highly Satisfied Customers

Love the helmet...need more larger sizes.