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Lumos Ultra (Limited Edition)
jean-françois LANGLET
casque très sécure et confortable

Le casque est de très bonne facture, bien aéré et réglages précis. je le recommande.

Lumos Matrix
Angie W
Great helmet, great customer service

You can tell a lot about a company when you have a problem. First helmet sent had issues with on/off button (guess that kind of thing can happen with any product occasionally no matter how good generally). Helpline was great and when could not be resolved they made collection of old and delivery of new super easy with advance 2 hour slots.
Now have new helmet and very happy.

Lumos Ultra
Byron LW
Brightened up my day!

I couldn’t wait to try this bad boy out when I saw the kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns but missed out on both. I finally got one a few months ago and really enjoy it. The feature to set my flash patterns via the app I spent hours on, like a kid in Christmas.

The fit is good though I have to get use to the placement of the chin strap which is closer to my Adam’s apple than I’m used to.

I still haven’t figured out a comfortable position for the remote on my dropbars. Customer service has been square since day one and I appreciate team and the product.

Lumos Ultra
Rachel Banks
Excellent helmet!

This arrived the day after I ordered it & was exactly what I wanted. It’s highly visible which essential on London roads. The front light is actually brighter than expected on the boost setting. The remote is easy to use & quickly pops off the handlebars for security when locking up your bike. I haven’t upgraded to automatic brake lights with the upgraded remote yet but considering it. The only thing I could think of to improve the helmet would be a detachable visor for rainy days

Lumos Matrix
Sito TG
Excelent piece of gear

Really amazing piece of gear

Charging Cable
Richenda Ingram
Great Service great product

Arrived quicker than stated. Excellent buying experience and excellent product

Lumos Ultra
Awesome thoughtful helmet!

I love my Lumos Ultra helmet! It’s the best. Awesome design and function with great comfort.
Thank you guys

Lumos Matrix
Eike Christoph Hagen
best helmet

never have I been asked about a product so much. random people (ambulance driver even used the speaker) tell me that it is the best helmet they had ever seen. I have a friendly “hello” displayed at the back and hardly somebody does not like it!

Lumos Street
Szabolcs Radnóthy

love it!

Our granddaughter loves it

Superb design

My last helmet, a Kickstart Light, took the impact and minimized the damage to my head and face in a freak accident in Chicago. I felt so lucky that my wife had given it to me the previous xmas and that I was wearing it (it’s so well designed and comfortable that I immediately loved wearing it). So I was eager to get another, upgrading to the Kickstart this time. With MIPS and the remote turn signal controls and other design advances it’s even better. These are excellent helmets. If you care about your brain and your face, and about being seen by others at any time of day, they are worth every penny. This xmas I gave my wife and daughter got their own Lumos helmets.

Lumos Ultra
Arturo German

Very nice quality, lightweight, perfectly adjustable, lights are plenty bright and love the blinkers!!

Helmet Padding
George Bowman

Padding is good, delivery was quick, design is great, and lights are brilliant!

Lumos Ultra
Glad I bought it!

I'm only a week in with my new helmet, but so far, so good! So far, my initial charging has gotten me through five 1-hour rides. The turn signal widget fits well on the handle bars. The helmet fit and adjustment options are great, as I would hope a helmet would have. A fellow cyclist friend saw mine and now wants one.

Nice Helmet

first ... great helmet! I co-financed him on Kickstarter back then and he was / is always a loyal companion. over time you notice that it is the first edition. a pair of LEDs fail and the flasher signal is no longer yellow but more green. is probably due to the first edition. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a helmet with which you can be seen more in the dark, you are at the right place. someday ... if nothing really works anymore, I'll buy another one. Maybe you get a discount as early adopters. best regards from Germany

Lumos Kickstart
Richard Barrett
Great helmet!

Thank you so much for producing such a great cycling helmet. This is the second one I’ve purchased. Love how I can choose to have lights in flash mode. Really helps me be seen by drivers on Chicago’s mean streets! I have one for me and the second for my son. Thanks very much! Rick Barrett

Donna McLean
Not received

I ordered this before Christmas and I have not received it. Difficult to assess if I don’t have it. Also the app for tracking does not work well

Lumos Ultra
Ken Sala

My original ultra stop working. Talked to customer support and received new helmet as replacement. Very good customer service.

Lumos Matrix
Stacy Edgar
Perfect for city riding

I wish I had this helmet years ago! I have a fat tire e-bike and live in the city on the edge of Forrest Park in Portland. This helmet has everything to ride safely on the streets and the trails. The lights are bright and the turn signals are helpful around motor vehicles. Love it!

Lumos Ultra
Evelyn Michaels
Too cold to ride

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to ride as temps are in the teens and 20’s. It feels comfortable and solid.
Learning about it by using app and looking forward to using it.

Lumos Kickstart
Kathy Baker
Feel Very Secure

I ride on roads a lot and feel much safer with my new helmet. I can be seen easily by passing cars.

Lumos Ultra
David Leaf
So far, awesome.

The fit of helmet is good. Pairing with helmet and turn signal remote is really easy. I am still working on using the remote turn signal, not because it is ungainly. This helmet replaced a yellow green helmet because of it's much greater visibility.

Lumos Ultra
Richard I Feller
The Right Size

As one of the original investors, my wife and I received our Ultra helmets, a S and XL, special orders a little later than many. The S was perfect for my wife, but the XL turned out to be a little too big for me. I was able to buy from Lumos a standard size (in White, I miss my Mango) and sell the XL to a riding buddy. No to the review:
We have been wearing the helmets about a month now. They fit perfect and all the electronics work great as does the App to customize the light patterns. I installed the turn control on my bike and that works very well also.
Understanding that there is a lot of technology built into the helmet may make my only "cons" a moot point, but I will tell you my only two negatives.
1. The weight is more than every other helmet I have worn. Not uncomfortably heavy, just heavier.
2. There could be more venting or larger vents. Right now during the winter, the lack of venting is not an issue, but I can imagine as the weather heats up, so will my head. (Larger vents would also allow for some head scratching, that always is needed during a ride).
That's it. It is a great helmet, I hope you continue to make them and upgrade as you can and have accessories available when needed. Thanks Lumos,
Rich Feller and Stacey Bertolet

LOVE your helmets and ordered a new one over 2 months ago and still haven't received. I was thinking maybe supply chain or transportation issues? Can you investigate and get back to me? I am keen to order the new design for my partner too. Thanks

So good, I bough two more

Honestly have nothing bad to say about these.
Great fit & great features, worked out of the box with no hassle.