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Be seen.

Bright lights to stand out on the road

Super bright white LEDs in the front and super bright red LEDs in the rear provide over 80 lumens of illumination to ensure that you stand out on the road.

Be predictable.

Turn signals on helmet

Lumos features bright left and right turn signals on the helmet activated via a wireless remote on your handlebar.

Wireless handlebar remote

The Lumos handlebar remote is small, unobtrusive, easy to remove, water resistant, and lasts for months before requiring a charge of battery.

Automatic brake lights

Lumos senses when you slow down, and automatically turns all the rear lights bright solid red.

Rechargeable battery

Recharge with the included micro-USB cable just like you would with your phone. If you use Lumos for 30 minutes every day, each charge will last about a week.


What if it rains? Well, you shouldn't dunk Lumos into a pool, but Lumos is water resistant so you can take it out with you and stay safe come rain or shine.

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