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Lumos Ultra
Gregory Wiens
Safe, Comfortable and Good Looking

This is my second Lumos Ultra. The first one very well may have saved my life, or at least my head. I had a dog dart in front of me and I flipped over the bar and landed on the back of my head on the concrete. I broke a rib, bruised my tailbone, and had the wind knocked out of me. My head and neck were totally fine, the helmet with MIPS totally did the work and took the shock; instead of my head. The helmet cracked and so I replaced it with the same one. Simply the best helmet if you are worried about safety, being comfortable, and being nice looking.

Lumos Kickstart
Robet Allison
Lumos review

Very happy with purchase. It works well and I’m very pleased.

Ultra Visor
Liette Forest
Ultra Visor is perfect!

Really easy attachment. The visor is not too long, not too short doing exactly what it as to do 👍👍

Lumos Kickstart
Phillip Griffin

Love the helmet and the different lighting options. Wish the front beam was a little brighter for night time riding.

Lumos Ultra
Effective, versatile and comfortable

I've bought half a dozen other helmets, good brands, but I will probably use this new Lumos helmet whenever I can. I ride a lot in dim and dark conditions, and the combination of front and rear lights, visible at 360 degrees, is great. What surprised me the most was how comfortable the helmet was last night. I ride in cold and hot weather, and the thickness of a balaclava can make a difference of one size in a helmet. With this adjustable helmet, the thickest balaclava, which ordinarily would not fit with my usual medium size, works fine. I haven't ridden in a thin hot-weather balaclava yet, but there's enough adjustability to get a good fit. The fit is a bit more shallow than my other helmets, so it doesn't feel quite as secure before buckling it, but it feels OK once it's secured. It's nice that it looks more streamlined than a lot of helmets; less of the mushroom head look. Best surprise was that I didn't feel the pressure points I usually feel with my other helmets. Turn signals work great with the remote. Haven't been able to test the brake light function. Overall, very happy with the helmet.

5*- Review for great helmet

I drive a lot on streets in a big city. Always got the problem of nearly hot by a car, even my bicycle got lights, obvsly... now i can also have a turn signal. Even police thinks this helmet is very nice. Great product. Every cent worth for not being hit by a car :) fast order, everythings fine, excelent support!

Helmet Padding
Iris Kobald
Ultra Padding

A replacement was necessary! The Helmet is now as perfect as before! Nearly new!

Lumos Ultra
Ron Popma
10 stars for customer service

I love my helmet, had it for almost a year when the front light would only come on dime.
We emailed back and forth many times to make sure it was the helmet and not me .they said they would send me a new one.
I give them full stars for customer service.

Security first

I have an MIPS helmet with lights and must say that I'm feeling very secure, especially in the dark.

Helmet Padding
Steven Ewart
I Love My Lumos Cycling Helmet

My Lumos Cycling Helmet is no spiffed up with new padding. Ready for some hot weather rides..

Helmet Padding
Ibrahim Dasgin
I am so Happy

Feels like a new helmet. Thanks a lot!

Ultra Visor
Paula Landis

Ultra Visor

As a daily cyclist I love the modern day technology. Thank you for inventing the Lumo technology.

Lumos Kickstart
Henry Pruitt
Very good helmet

With all the lights makers my rides seem much safer. Drivers do notice it much sooner than other helmets I have used.

Ultra Visor
Andre Reicher


Helmet Padding
Chris Morris
works as expected

works as expected

Lumos Ultra
Marc Collet
Great helmet. Works flawless

All features work great. And MIPS safety is appreciated

Lumos Ultra (Limited Edition)
Andreas Krattenmacher
Very satisfied

The helmet was for my son and he is very happy with the helmet snd likes the light


Such a cool helmet and very bright. Use it on the one wheels, crazy carts, bikes.

Not Received Yet

The tracking says delivered 17 Feb 2023 but the Aircraft only arrived in port at 23:40 on that date. I am still waiting and haven't received it.

Lumos T-Shirt
Matthias Dreke
Super quality

comfortable and great quality

Ultra Bug Net
Anne Cisney

Works well, very comfortable.

Lumos Ultra
Aloys Oberthuer
Just loving it

Owned a Lumos Ultra which protected me very well during a fall on icy grounds but unfortunately was damaged in the process. Now I needed a new one and chose that super-stylish white one. Already got asked twice, where I got that cool helmet :-)

Charging Cable
Bernd Mosig

Ladekabel ist super.

Lumos Ultra
Adam Savory
Saved my life

Only buying a new Lumos Ultra due to the previous one being written off in a car accident. I highly recommend these helmets as the previous one saved my life, I was taken out by a car not stopping on a roundabout. I was hit side on with the car going approximately 30mph and my head taking a direct hit to the windscreen. Luckily the helmet did it job and saved my life, despite being in pieces it still works!!

Otherwise the helmet is great quality, the extra weight is not noticeable and overall I highly recommend!!