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Lumos Ultra
Zuzana Janstova

I got my helmet one week ago and was using it ever since. It was totally worth the wait! Best helmet ever!
I feel much safer (and prettier :P ) with it, the app is really cool. You can play with settings to your satisfaction.
Perfect work, Lumos team! Thank you for all the happy kilometers :)

Lumos Kickstart
Stuart Baran

Lumos Kickstart

Lumos Kickstart
Rick Riemenschneider

The helmet is great. It is nice to be more visable. Blinkers are awesome.

Lumos Kickstart
Kimberlee Witkop
Be Seen - Stay Safe

Safety and style all in one. Love the look and fit of this helmet. Great product for any cyclist for more visibility to others. Although I have bright front and rear lights mounted on my bike, a lighted helmet adds lights at a higher elevation for vehicles to see you at their eyesight level.

love at first sight

like the title says, i was immediately smitten by the beautiful minimalist styling of the 304 Fs edition, and the more I read about this bike only made me more determined to own one. I a, very happy with my purchase , Can’t wait to see’and ride ti in person

Lumos Ultra
Kieran Farr
Worth the wait, still one of the best LED helmets

I backed the original Lumos helmet and used it for years. Of course I was excited to back the LUMOS Ultra and to my delight it was an improvement in almost every way. The biggest improvements: Much lighter weight than the original, more comfortable fit with MIPs protection, USB-C instead of proprietary magsafe charging port, and of course brighter lights! Worth the wait, thank you Lumos team for delivering on your promise twice now.

Lumos Ultra
Antoine Legoux
Enhancement idea?

Hi guys, more than a month with my Lumos and still delighted!
An idea for your next product: why not consider a magnetic buckle/clip like Nutcase helmet. My little one has one and it is sooooo convenient, especially when weather is cold.
Have a great one! And enjoy the ride!

Lumos Ultra
Balazs Jarosi
Worth the wait

100% worth the wait and the hiccups. Best helmet ever. All works as intended. At the end high five for the whole Lumos team. Keep up the amazing work guys

Lumos Ultra
Filip Sokolowkski
100% satisfied

I have funded the project in the very beginning ! I took my new Lumos Ultra out for a few rides now. It fits perfectly and I feel incredibly safe with MIPS and the lights. The App was a huge surprise as it was not part of the initial Communication. This clearly is the Tesla of helmets. Safe, stylish and a great value for the price.

Lumos Ultra

Finalmente arrivato in Italia, bellissimo proprio come lo immaginavo. Grazie fantastici

Lumos Ultra
Fantastic Helmet

Our two helmets came in Wednesday and my son and I have made several rides with them. Boost feature is great! Well done design team! Also being able to calibrate with my Apple Watch is a great feature. Just a lifting of my arm for a left turn, then a flick of the wrist to turn it off. Same with the right turn. Great fit and very comfortable wearing on a 30+ mile ride. Nice air flow through the vents keeping head cool in almost 90 degree (32C) temps.

Lumos Ultra
You made it (too)

So today my helmet came after the long long wait. Funny this was i checked yesterday the backerpage and showed it was not shipped yet ... he but i dont complain i got my helmet thats what counts!

Anyway had a small issue with the visor as it was not clear you must flip the fabric. Got it quick running with the 2 other remotes (braking) and the helmet looks superb. It was worth the waiting time.

Thanks Lumos you made my day!

Lumos Ultra
Helmet did its job (safety review)

I went over the handlebars at 25 mph (40 kmh) and bonked my head hard enough to crack the helmet. The whole side of my body is scraped up, but my head is okay! Didn't see stars, black out, or lose consciousness. I only have the slightest hint of a headache. And yes, I am taking that seriously, but I can say that from my experience playing other sports with very high TBI risk--this is nothing close to the severity of those incidents.

I am so glad they offered the MIPS upgrade during the Kickstarter campaign. I'm sure rotational forces were in play given the angle my head hit the ground. My helmet cracked in two areas, but all the pieces are still solidly in place. It doesn't seem that there was much risk of the helmet completely splitting apart during the collision. I assume the helmet was working as intended, but I'm not an expert so I've attached some photos in case someone else wants to verify.

It was fortunate that I was wearing a brand new MIPS helmet when I crashed, but unfortunate that I crashed with my new helmet so soon after it arrived! Once you've had a serious crash, the helmet has to be replaced, even if it doesn't visibly crack the way mine did. Now I am looking for a new one. If the Ultra were not sold out, I would buy another. I enjoyed the features of the helmet for the week or so I was able to use it.

The biggest danger in cycling isn't hitting an obstacle and wiping out (like I did) but getting hit by a car. I take all sorts of precautions to avoid vehicle collisions, including adding reflective vinyl to my bike frame. The helmet lights have so much more visibility than your standard rear and front blinkers. I was looking forward to using the Ultra on bikepacking trips and ultra endurance events where one might be riding on remote gravel roads in the dark. When my bike is loaded for bikepacking, the bags often get in the way of the blinkers. It seems much safer to have the lights integrated into the helmet and higher off the ground (more in the a driver's line-of-sight).

Two features that I wish were available: 1) being able to "boost" only the front light, and 2) having an estimate of the remaining battery life at the current settings. I do longer distance events, so I am ever-conscious of battery consumption.

Lumos Ultra
Elli Bremerhaven

Endlich! Ich hatte den Lumos schon vergessen. Das Warten hat sich gelohnt. Der Helm ist super. Ich fühle mich sehr wohl und sicher auf der Straße. Danke! Kann ich nur wärmstens empfehlen.

Lumos Ultra
Eddie Hurt
Outstanding in every way

I’ve used my Ultra Silver for only three days now, and as stated in so many other testimonials, I am thrilled with this helmet - the best I have ever had. The high quality of construction, the light weight, the comfortable fit, the innovative built-in lighting, the robust, useful app - all get the highest marks from me. To top it off, all this functional excellence is reflected in a stunning visual design. As a designer myself, I truly appreciate how much thought and effort went into integrating so many innovative safety features into the best looking helmet I’ve ever seen. The Matte Black model seems most popular but I went with Silver, and I had been worried the visual appeal might suffer from the loss of metallic finish due to manufacturing limitations, as stated in an update. Fear not! The helmet is super shiny anyway (the auto-adjusted photo does not do justice to the pinpoint sun reflection). I am very happy with the gloss finish. In daylight it adds even more visibility for safety. Come nightfall, the lighting is brilliant. Kudos to the Lumos team on an outstanding product!

Lumos Ultra
Jeff McMahon
Best helmet ever

I am one highly satisfied customer! Participated in the Kickstarter promotion and it was well worth the long anticipated wait. Loved my old Lumos helmet and the new ultra surpasses in every way. My original Lumos helmet saved me from accidents many tim e s with the high visibility lights and the ultra is even brighter! This helmet is a must for commuters especially. Can't stop raving about it.

Lumos Ultra
Great helmet - I'm delighted

Yesterday I've received my Ultra helmet from the Kickstarter campaign. The wait was well worth it and I must say I'm really happy with it.

I like the manufacturing quality, the finish, the colors, materials, the lights and all their features, the packaging - but most the customizability of the helmet's features via the mobile app. I really like being able to customize the 3 operating modes of the lights (blinking frequency, light intensity), and to select which actions are confirmed by sound. Absolutely love the braking lights function, which was added via the optional Lumos Remote add-on (and being able to set the accelerometer sensitivity in the app). The fit seems to be very good and comfortable, however this will yet need to be proven in extended use.

I like the Getting Started page with video tutorials and FAQs. However, I'd appreciate some tips there to get the optional Lumos Remote working. It's surprising that the FAQs section contains no item related to the optional remote. You need to dig through the content. I had to find out how to charge it... it was not apparent to me that the remote is actually made of 2 parts - the unit and its base - and I need to twist them in order to access the charging port. Very good design but it was not initially obvious to me how to use it. Also had to search the info how to pair the remote. I'd expect this initial set up info to be a tad easier to find.

Lastly, I'd like to appreciate the Kickstarter campaign. I enjoyed the communication throughout the design and manufacturing process, all the progress videos, the hues days Tuesdays... the campaign really stands out from the others in my mind. Great execution. Also, I appreciate how you handled the design issue with the MIPS version identified among the first trial users. You openly communicated the issue, provided the backers with an option how they want to proceed and handled the issue very professionally. I personally chose to wait for the fixed design.

Thanks, best regards and good luck in your future endeavors!

(Prague, Czech Republic)

Lumos Ultra
Oliver Kerl
Das lange Warten hat sich sowas von gelohnt

Heute Morgen kam der Helm per DPD. Ich bin absolut begeistert!!! Ja - es hat lange gedauert und Ja - es war nervenaufreibend, immer in die Kommentare auf Kickstarter zu schauen... aber es hat sich aus meiner Sicht absolut gelohnt. Sehr schön und wertig verpackt kam der Helm und das Paket enthielt Remote, Brake Remote, Fliegennetz und Visor. Der Helm ist aus meiner Sicht super verarbeitet. Er hat mir ohne große Anpassungen schon fast perfekt gepasst und das Tragegefühl ist für mich sehr gut. Nun bin ich gerade am Laden von Helm und Remote. Ich freue mich schon wahnsinnig auf das Ausprobieren. Großes Lob an Lumos!!! Ich finde, das Team hat angesichts der Situation und der Widrigkeiten super reagiert und ist immer um Informationen bemüht. Ich kann die Ungeduld vieler Backer verstehen - mir ging es selbst so - aber ab und an fand ich die Kommentare auf Kickstarter nicht angemessen. Bestimmt hätte man rückblickend gesehen Einiges besser machen können im Gesamtablauf, aber ich glaube, einige Backer unterschätzen ebenso den komplexen logistischen und organisatorischen Aufwand, den ein Kickstarter Projekt diesen Ausmaßes bedeutet. Von meiner Seite aus ein dickes Lob an LUMOS!!! Ich musste etwas länger warten, aber ich habe ein hochwertiges Produkt mit tollen Extras bekommen. Was ich auch toll finde: Die App macht auf den ersten Blick einen schicken, aufgeräumten und "easy to use" Eindruck. Die Erklärvideos auf der Webseite finde ich toll (sonst hätte ich nie herausgefunden, wie man die Brake Remote lädt).
Alles in allem: Großartig!!!

This morning came the helm by DPD. I am absolutely thrilled!!! Yes - it took a long time and yes - it was nerve-wracking to always look into the comments on Kickstarter.... but it was absolutely worth it from my point of view. Very nice and quality packed the helmet came and the package included remote, brake remote, fly net and visor. The helmet is super processed from my point of view. He has already fit me almost perfectly without major adjustments and the wearing feel is very good for me. Now I am just loading the helmet and remote. I'm already looking forward to trying out. Big kudos to Lumos!!! I think the team has been super responsive given the situation and the team was always looking to give enough information. i can understand the impatience of many backers - i felt the same way myself - but esometimes i found the comments on Kickstarter inappropriate. Certainly, in retrospect, some things could have been done better in the overall process, but I think some backers also underestimate the complete logistical and organizational effort that a Kickstarter project of this scale means. From my side a big praise to LUMOS!!! I had to wait a bit longer, but I got a high quality product with great extras. What I also find great: the app makes a chic, tidy and "easy to use" impression at first glance. The explanatory videos on the website are also great (otherwise I would never have figured out how to load the Brake Remote). All in all: great

Lumos Ultra
You made it!

It took some time, but it’s finally here….and it looks gorgeous! I have had a look at the videos and am now writing these lines whilst the helmet and the remote are charging. Downloaded the app and paired the helmet as well (during charge cycle - great that’s possible!).
It really looks like you have been putting some love and professionalism into this product, the leaflets and your community. Absolutely no hassle. The visor and bug net are easy to install, the pairing process works like a charm.
I did have some questioning going on in the past, and you always responded. Your communication has been transparent and clear and even better: anticipating! It has taken a bit longer than expected, but under these circumstances, this is understandable.
You have definitely made it and delivered an awesome product and this makes you the best Kickstarter creator I have met until now! Even more, I have a gorgeous Monte Carlo MIPS which hopefully will stay as a limited edition 😉
I am looking forward to using it very soon during my full night commutes.
For the time being, may I make a small suggestion: introducing a password locking mode through firmware, which makes the helmet unusable for a thief and design an according sticker to put on the helmet.
Question: will you provide the possibility to acquire extras like mounting rubber bands, spare visor, bug net, etc?

Großartiges Projekt

Gestern angekommen, konfiguriert und heute die erste Tour. Was für ein cooles 😎 Teil. Trägt sich sehr gut, ist leicht und die Bedienung der Blinker über die Fernbedienung kein Problem. Über die Stellschraube kann man gut die Größe einstellen. Die Bremslichter sind das Beste. Für die Fernbedienung findet sich immer ein Platz am Lenker.
Gewünscht hätte ich mir einen magnetischen Verschluss, da gibt es schöne Lösungen bei der Konkurrenz.
Macht weiter so! Great Job.

Lumos Kickstart
Jay Grant

Lumos Kickstart

Lumos Matrix
Robert Chance
Safety can be fun, colorful and bright!

I've got this helmet to go along with my new E bike. I love how easy it was to set up and the bright front headlight and the fun display on the back. I would recommend this for anyone interested in a high tech super cool helmet .

Charging Cable
Tom Bryan
Charging cable

I received it as expected.

Lumos Kickstart
Franz Zichy
Road worthy helmet

Excellent helmet! I'm a road cyclist and use the helmet for my daily training. Part of my training is in traffic, the lights are very visible to cars, and most importantly, the rurn signals on the helmet are appreciated by drivers.

Fine Helmet

Extremely comfortable with minimal adjustment. Lights work well. Ventilation is good. I like the adjustability of the lights.