Lumos Kickstart Helmet with MIPS

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The Lumos Kickstart with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) which protects you from certain angled falls. Learn more here.

NOTE: Please note that delivery times will be longer than usual due to the holiday peak season. If you are ordering for a gift, please order earlier rather than later to ensure delivery!

Integrated Lights
Safety Certified
Rechargeable Battery
Turn Signals
Automatic Warning Lights
Smartphone App
Wireless Remote
Now Compatible with
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Your Lumos Helmet comes standard with one charging cable, remote, and mount + elastics.
  • Charging Cable

    A standard proprietary charging cable that charges both your Lumos Helmet and remote.

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  • Cycling Multi-tool

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  • Helmet Padding

    Extra helmet padding, comes in three pieces that fits your Lumos Helmet

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  • Remote + Handlebar Mount

    A set of the remote and handlebar mount. Pairs exclusively with the Lumos Helmet. Each helmet can pair with up to 2 remotes.

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  • Remote Mount

    The mount piece with elastics. Useful if you transfer your remote between different bikes. Does NOT come with the remote.

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