Helmet Padding

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**TO READERS OF OUR BLOG: Thank you for the overwhelming response! We're so glad that so many of you want to get new sets of padding, but unfortunately it also means that we're fast running out of stock. We do apologize, but if we do run out of stock we will bring in new inventory as soon as possible and run this promotion again so that any existing customers who missed out can get a new set of padding as well. Thank you in advance for your patience and support! - Eu-wen**

Replacement bicycle helmet foam pads - Specifically designed to fit Lumos Helmets 

  • Includes 3 pads for the top, brow, and back of your head 
  • Attach to your helmet via the Velcro dots within your Lumos Helmet
  • Removable for easy cleaning

Note: This is an improved, more durable version of the padding that was shipped out in some of our first batch of helmets. This improved padding features a strong seal to ensure that the padding does not fray.