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Zuzana Janstova

I got my helmet one week ago and was using it ever since. It was totally worth the wait! Best helmet ever!
I feel much safer (and prettier :P ) with it, the app is really cool. You can play with settings to your satisfaction.
Perfect work, Lumos team! Thank you for all the happy kilometers :)

Kieran Farr
Worth the wait, still one of the best LED helmets

I backed the original Lumos helmet and used it for years. Of course I was excited to back the LUMOS Ultra and to my delight it was an improvement in almost every way. The biggest improvements: Much lighter weight than the original, more comfortable fit with MIPs protection, USB-C instead of proprietary magsafe charging port, and of course brighter lights! Worth the wait, thank you Lumos team for delivering on your promise twice now.

Antoine Legoux
Enhancement idea?

Hi guys, more than a month with my Lumos and still delighted!
An idea for your next product: why not consider a magnetic buckle/clip like Nutcase helmet. My little one has one and it is sooooo convenient, especially when weather is cold.
Have a great one! And enjoy the ride!

Balazs Jarosi
Worth the wait

100% worth the wait and the hiccups. Best helmet ever. All works as intended. At the end high five for the whole Lumos team. Keep up the amazing work guys

Filip Sokolowkski
100% satisfied

I have funded the project in the very beginning ! I took my new Lumos Ultra out for a few rides now. It fits perfectly and I feel incredibly safe with MIPS and the lights. The App was a huge surprise as it was not part of the initial Communication. This clearly is the Tesla of helmets. Safe, stylish and a great value for the price.