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etienne edereani

Lumos Ultra

Ana Aranda Loureiro

Amazing helmet

Wonderful helmut

Great 21st century bike helmet with rider in mind. Functioning well and as advertised. I still have to test how it is with watch app but I am already impressed. I will get the unit for enabling break lights too. And I already had a fall and it indeed protected me! Kudos to the team 👍🏽

Paul Telford
I was sceptical

Very comfortable and very bright functions as advertised, would recommend to anyone looking for safety

Lumos Ultra MIPS Helmet An Excellent Safety Helmet

This helmet fits like a glove and I have found it to be the most comfortable cycle helmet to wear. Some users have commented on the helmet being heavy to wear, I haven’t found this helmet to be heavy at all and I usually cycle for about 1 hour.
The lights are nice and bright and I have found motor vehicle drivers holding back behind when using indicators to turn.
I did however experience a driver attempt to pull out of a side turning in front of me in which I was forced to swerve and brake harshly and I did rebuke this driver questioning his ability to drive and that he should get an eyesight test done soon.
The negatives I found the charging light to be extremely dim and was only visible when the helmet was charged in complete darkness.
Improvements It would possibly be useful for forward facing indicators to be added to notify oncoming traffic of your intentions as well
This is a great helmet of which I hope will reduce further the number of cycle accidents on our roads.