A Seriously Bright Idea.

From $179

MIPS option available

Beat the dark

With over 500 lumens of output, you’ve never been better equipped to take on the night.

Proactive safety

Avoiding a crash is always the safest option

With proactive safety features built right in, the Kickstart is designed to make the rider highly visible and predictable to drastically minimise the chances of collision.

Signal your intentions

Take away the guesswork by letting traffic around you know which direction you’re turning.

Have a brake, have a Kickstart

Eliminate collisions from the rear by warning traffic behind you when you’re coming to a hard stop. The additional reaction time afforded can be the difference between life and death.

360 degree visibility

Ride confident that the helmet lights will be visible no matter which angle you're approaching from.

CPSC / F1492 (US)




Internationally certified

We’ve taken extra steps to ensure that our helmets perform just as well, if not better than the competition when it comes to the crash test.


Go the extra mile and kit out your helmet with the MIPS option.

MIPS is a helmet-integrated brain protection system designed to provide additional brain protection in the event of angled or rotational impacts. All MIPS certified helmets are tested to withstand an impact speed of up to 6.2 meters per second.


Every detail considered

From the 22 vents, down to the sweating-wicking material for the inner padding, we’ve made careful and thoughtful choices to make your ride as enjoyable as possible.

Companion App

Power up your helmet

Get the most out of your Lumos Kickstart by pairing it with the Lumos Companion App. Customize your light flashing patterns, check your battery life, track your activity and sync with Strava and Apple Health.


Take control

Activate turn signals through the included Lumos Remote, or why not sync up your Apple watch for gesture-triggered indicators.


Extended Cycle-time

Never run out of battery with a convenient 2 hour charge time, and battery-life extending modes that would last even a cycle marathon.

Solid flashing mode

Solid flashing mode

Up to

18 hours run-time


Ride in any weather

Rain or shine, if you are riding your bike, you can be sure the Lumos Kickstart can go with you thanks to its fully-sealed electronics.