Hello from Lumos

Hey there! 

If you're here, you've probably seen one of these things...  

...and decided to check out the website on the back. 

Congratulations! Your bike was randomly chosen to take part in our little marketing campaign! ;)

As you may have guessed from our URL, we're a bicycle helmet company. Our goal is to advocate for safer, and ultimately more, cycling in the city. We make products so cyclists feel a little safer when they're sharing the road with cars.

To do this we've created the Lumos Helmet, a helmet with turn signals and brake lights.

We've sold quite a few of them by this point, and it turns out that a lot of our riders think that drivers notice them and give them a little more room and respect on the road. In fact, quite a few of them even gets compliments on their helmet!

We think the helmet might be a great fit for you, so do check us out.

Happy riding!