Update #25: More Helmets Shipped!

Helmets being loaded onto the truck to ship to the warehouse

Ready to go!

Helmets in warehouse sorted and labelled about to be loaded onto a plane


More and more people starting to receive their Lumos Helmets!

Hey everyone, hope all is well. We have had our hands extremely full in semi-managed chaos shipping helmets by the thousands every week now.

Here is a breakdown on where we are in the process:

  • Batches 1 & 2 (about 2,000 helmets in total) have been shipped and received by backers 
  • Batch 3 (approx 2,500 helmets) is in transit right now, literally either on a plane or truck on the way to backers
  • Final surveys for Batch 4 have already gone out. Batch 4 helmets ship out on Nov 19th

The large majority of you will receive your final shipping survey within this month so do keep a look out for it. Your helmet will ship out soon thereafter. 




Check out that helmet on the cover of Bicycle Times Magazine!


Thinking about getting a Lumos Helmet as a Christmas gift? Pre-Order Prices Going Up TODAY

As we get through our backlog of pre-orders, we have also been slowly reducing the pre-order discount as the wait time for helmets fall.

The next price increment is actually happening TONIGHT, so you should put that order in today to (1) Get the pre-order discount and (2) Put your order in early so we can definitely get this helmet to you in time for Christmas.

Place your order on our website here

That’s it for now!

I’ll post a longer update towards the end of this month. By then a large majority of you should have received your helmets. If there is interest, we’re thinking of organizing some kind of AMA (ask me anythings)/Mass Google Hangout/something of that sort. Would you guys be interested in doing something like that? I’ve never really done one of those before, but if there is interest we could do it!

As always, ride safe out there!


Eu-wen, Jeff, and the entire Lumos Helmet Team


  • Steve

    My wife and I received our helmets a few weeks ago. With the snow in Vancouver we didn’t get out to use them but recently had an opportunity. The helmets are a “show stopper”. Other cyclists we ride with or meet while out all comment on them. I wish the 25% rebate on the helmets didn’t expire at the end of 2017. I think it’s a win-win when we get to share the good news about these helmets. Absolutely comfortable the first moment I put it on (a high risk thing for an on-line purchase is wearability) but it fitted perfect and comfy. I added new communication headsets to our Lumos helmets and looking forward to many rides with them. Congrats guys and gals at Lumos for an outstanding product. And thanks very much for sending both types of thumb activators. I have one set on my recumbent trike and the other set on my two-wheeled recumbent. So sweet!

  • Keith Bateman

    Hope mine is in this shipment cant wait to get it :-)

  • Cedric

    I can’t wait!
    I’m so thrilled to have this helmet! I’ve never been much into helmet because i like my head to be free. But now i do have a reason and i love it!

  • Elene

    Hi to all the Lumos Team!
    I really enjoy these updates – especially when I discover my helmet will be part of batch 3 currently being shipped. Some form of AMA (at a practical time for those of us in Europe) would be great – count me in?

  • DEnis eGan

    Try a simple Facebook page for the older consumers to share their your products saved my life story

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